11​:​17 / Oolitic

by eleven seventeen

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First eleven seventeen release featuring 5 tracks from Alex Daniel and 5 from Josh Carel. Tracks 1-5 are by Alex; 6-10 are by Josh.


released July 4, 2004

Tracks 1-5 written and recorded by Alex Daniel. Tracks 6-10 written and recorded by Josh Carel.



all rights reserved


eleven seventeen Busan, South Korea

A sometimes-band, sometimes-solo project started in 2004, featuring a rotating cast of members and collaborators. Eleven Seventeen features smooth guitars, driving beats, stark lyricism, and occasional electronic flourishes.

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Track Name: Come Back to Texas
Come back to Texas
And let's finish what we started
Because things just aren't the same
Since we parted ways
I just lay in bed all day
And dream my life away

And now it's October
And I thought that it'd be colder by now
But the sun just won't give up
And its heat just brings me down
And now all I can remember are those summer nights
When you were in my arms
And I want you back

Come back to Texas
Track Name: Statement of Intent
I held something together once
And I'd like to think that I could do it again
The standard's set in stone
But the tune's so different in my head
So here's to all who thought they'd heard the end

They appear indifferent to the outcome
But things are different when you peer inside
These mindsets laced with envy only self-destruct in time
I hope there's enough for me to reset mine

They say it's a funny time in life
But after a few tries
They know I'll get it right
But these days
Time's not on my side
Track Name: 204
After the search for prophetic words
In the $15 of trash in my hands
I stand in disbelief of how selfish I am
And how obsessive I can be

All I have is all I need
And I wait with my soul split wide to receive

So out the door of 204
And into the world outside
Down below I can see the city lights
And in my ear is a voice I barely recognize

And this is my life
Track Name: Can You Still Hear Me?
Can you still hear me
Or am I too far gone?
I know now that this choice was a mistake
And I want to call it all off

It's 6AM
I'm surrounded by the quiet of my room again
And I'm so alone
With nowhere to go

I've become uncomfortable
With my one-sided life
I forged my own path
But everyone else was right

Is it too late to start again?
Because each new day
I become more entrenched

In my unsettling circumstance
In my one-sided life
I forged my own path
But everyone else was right

But if there's room for me
In this twisted world
Surely I fit in somewhere
Surely there's something more
Track Name: Reading Between the Lines
And you tell me
This is your own way of giving my life purpose
Without it I'd be worthless

And you tell me
If I take some time out of my day
I'll see the truth of what you're saying

But somehow I don't buy that, baby
Somehow I think maybe that your truth is all a lie

And you say I'm blind
Or at least that I read too far between the lines

But somehow I don't buy that, darling
Somehow I know that there's more than
All that seems so obvious at first sight

So if kindness has a face
I want to see it
And if there's such a thing as grace
I want to feel it
Track Name: Oolitic - Bradford Pear
Written and recorded by Josh Carel.