Eastward Expansion

by eleven seventeen

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Originals, instrumentals, and covers recorded in Austin, Texas and Busan, South Korea between October 2012 and December 2013.


released December 17, 2013

Recorded by Alex Daniel and Trevor Mason.

In general, Alex sang and played guitars and pianos. Trevor drummed and played synths.



all rights reserved


eleven seventeen Busan, South Korea

A sometimes-band, sometimes-solo project started in 2004, featuring a rotating cast of members and collaborators. Eleven Seventeen features smooth guitars, driving beats, stark lyricism, and occasional electronic flourishes.

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Track Name: One Year Later
More generous with my words
Less sure of what to say
Less infamous at parties for my alcohol intake
Less people to call friends
But I feel more content

Life just doesn't cut me at the knees

My clothes dry on a line
Cooking takes less time
My apartment stays quite tidy
And I spend more time outside
And when my friends bring me some news
Of the life I chose to lose

Life just doesn't cut me at the knees

More accepting of myself
Though I know I've done worse things
Found these blemishes on my body
But these days I feel more clean
More scared to go back home
Than forge a life here on my own

I burned the wounds to seal them faster

Life just doesn't cut me at the knees
Track Name: Bird on the Wire
Written by Leonard Cohen.
Track Name: Our Favorite Things
How our favorite things fell apart:
As soon as you clung to me, they fell apart.
Our favorite bands broke up
And our favorite bars closed down.
Our moment slipped upstream
And fell apart.

I had no mind to think these petty things
Could make this whole thing sink, but...
The ground on which we build
Our trust, and our hopes, and our dreams
Can shift so easily
And fall apart.

So you take the best of our friends
And I'll take the worst of our flaws.
Go sort out your perspective
And I'll write some bitter songs

And they'll go...

Love burns only as bright as the sincerity caged in our chests
And we didn't have much then, girl
And these days, we've got even less.
Track Name: Mr. Self Destruct
Written by Nine Inch Nails.
Track Name: Have We No Teeth
Separately and secretly, we'll make our way
Different nights, the same therapist's couch
We'll be validated, we'll have our egos sated
On the basis of differing accounts
Of the same petty story of betrayal
Of hard work not getting us our way
Of trust that's been broken, of promises spoken
And when they fall apart, of doling out the blame

Have we no shame?

Persisted through college on the promises
Of a generation that left the world for broke
Now they say, "This ain't no place, kid, for anyone creative"
And shirk our ambitions like a badly timed joke
So we worked out our twenties pushing paper
And tracing our reflections in dimly lit screens
When they throw us a bone, we take the thing home
And with our fingertips, we pick the sucker clean

Have we no teeth?

I've been working out some answers here
Between cross-continental flights
But on the weekends we get wasted
The drinks blur and then erase them
They slip between the cracks of black-spotted nights
So I'm trying now to seek out a new peace
Warm as the sunlight that nourishes the trees
Sweet as the summer air pregnant with rain scent
Light as the rustle in the leaves

You can do as you please
Track Name: Dum Dum
Written by Idaho.